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Hey Y'all!!!

I'm horrible at talking about me but here goes...

I'm Chandra (like chandelier), I'm a married military spouse and medium with a love for rambling, random facts, and fun stories. I've always had a passion for words and wanting to bring something positive to others whether it's joy, catharsis, laughter, or just feeling seen. I've always loved creative writing and the idea of having a blog where I can talk my shit, just tickles my reckless little heart. I love life and I'd like to inspire others to love it, too, and now that I'm ankle-deep in motherhood,​ I'm sure shit's going to be off the fuckin' rails. Come along on this journey with me and subscribe to never miss a moment. 

In addition to my blog on this site there’s also a place to book intuitive consultations with me. I’ve worked as a professional medium for off-and-on for years and have studied with some amazing teachers, but I’ve been choppin’ it up with spirits my entire life. Just like my storytelling, I’ve always had a down-to-earth approach to connecting with Spirit to help give others insight into those areas of their life where they may be a bit stuck. I just love the idea of demystifying those interactions to show that spiritual practices and communication can and should be a regular part of every day life, without all the hype and fanfare if that's not your thing.

Check out the ‘Consultations’ page to learn more!

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