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Intuitive Mama

Spirit Communication is something I've done since I was a small child. I've always loved helping people feel good about themselves via the messages and psychic impressions that I'd get. I decided that, along with my blog, offering a space where I could connect others with spirit would be dope (and keep me from getting cussed out by Spirit). Since the last thing I want is to get my ass handed to me by the Spirit Homies for ignoring my assignment, I'm choosing obedience instead of violence and providing space for others to connect and potentially expand their spiritual awareness as well.

I offer consultations instead of readings because I never want to make anyone feel like I'm some magical unicorn that connects you to that higher guidance. Nope! I'm the person that facilitates space to interpret some of the messages you've already been getting but don't quite understand. We in this together, fam... me, you, and the Spirit Homies.

Find your desired consult and let's connect!

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