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Protect the Baby Witches

Okay so this week's blog is going to be on the more reckless side ‘cause this is more of a rant than a fun blog about life and all the things that feel right in the world. Not, today, I’m bothered and just tired of the fuckery, so strap yourselves in kids...

Now, some of y’all are going to be mad at me, but that’s fine… Okay, so what is with some of these spiritual coaches, advisers, and gurus on social media being condescending as fuck?! There are more ways than one to teach and reason with people. However, it seems like the vast majority of people I see on social media have taken to being dicks all in the name of "keeping it real" or not "sugarcoating" the information they're bringing across. Just because you've been in a practice for however-long does not give you the footing to forget that you are a human being capable of compassion. Hell, maybe that's it, y'all have forgotten already that you can lure more bees with honey than vinegar... I don't know, but whatever shit y'all been smoking across these socials give it the fuck back, 'cause it ain't it.

I remember when I first started out on my journey, I spent so much time asking questions and the people I encountered were so kind, sharing books with me, encouraging me to do my own research and find what called to me. They made spiritual exploration fun, and spoke of it such a beautiful way that it made you want to continue to path no matter how difficult it got, and it did get difficult. If I shared that I was trying out different spells no one belittled me or downplayed what I was doing because I was inexperienced. No one scared me with horror stories saying I was gonna get myself fucked up for “playing around” with shit I didn’t yet understand. It was more like suggestions and steering me in the right direction and encouraging me to deepen my connection with Spirit. There was no shaming me or them trying to get me to go to them exclusively for classes or guidance. If y'all don’t get your Ms. Cleo looking asses the fuck on somewhere.

No one came at me sideways because I was asking questions and trying to soak up as much info as possible or accused me of wanting all the information handed to me. How the fuck are these baby journeyers supposed to learn without asking fucking questions, Swami Moondancer? How are they supposed to find out if a closed practice is their path without first asking questions to those already in them? Answer me that, Okoye?! Let me not try our good sis like that cause the good general of the Dora Milaje would never.

Some of these people seem to be forgetting how they felt when they first started their spiritual journeys and how chaotic and confusing the spiritual landscape can be as a baby witch. Many of these people I’m talking about, like me, seem to have started on these paths prior to social media. So you had to ask around, you had to read and study, mostly independently. However, you are severely fucked in head if you think that, had social media been around back then, we wouldn’t be doing exactly what they’re doing. There is a resource and they’re fucking using it, Carol!

These baby witches are seeing things from different practices posted all over social media, connecting with people from so many different paths, and trying it out to see what works for them and doesn’t. They’re trying their best at developing their own relationships with Spirit and their ancestors. No they’re not going to get everything right because THEY'RE FUCKING LEARNING!!! Did you do everything right in the beginning? Did you learn some hard lessons because you dabbled in things you didn’t fully understand? Probably! So simmer the fuck down, go meditate or suck on some crystals or some shit.

One last thing, some of y’all in these ATRs* and ADRs** seem to forget that your particular practice is a faith and like any faith it’s not for everybody, and the fact that it isn’t, ain’t a flex. Some of y’all really be acting like it’s some exclusive club you get to shit on the people standing outside of. I've seen too many people on socials for my liking dictate specific ways to connect with Spirit as "the only way" if you’re of African ancestry and that simply is not true.

When I was a child, I started off communicating with trees, rocks, and bodies of water before I started frequently communing with the dead and I didn’t have my head covered and didn’t do any special ceremonies to tap in, and don't to this day. Your ability to tap in and connect with Spirit and spirits is innately within you. However, if you're trying to reach a certain entity that requires certain things to work with them, that's different, but you need nothing other than you if you're just wanting to connect with what speaks to your soul. Now, if there’s an ATR or ADR path that feels like it encompasses all of the things you believe in, and you feel best connects you to your soul, go for it, but know that it is a path not the path. And we also not gon act like problematic figures don’t be all up and through there, as well, like every other structured religion. So miss me with the elitist fuck shit!

I’m not just shitting on the whole of any practices it’s just that I see this condescending energy coming from practitioners of particular paths. I want us all to exercise some compassion and ease up on the condescension because it’s possible and for those who think that it isn’t, you’re going to have to examine within and ask yourself why? I personally know plenty of people who practice different Pagan faiths and there are the most helpful and compassionate people, and nobody's pushover. They don't need to be a dick to feel secure in, practice, and/or educate on their particular paths.

See, ultimately, we should want people to have positive experiences along their spiritual journey with their elders and teachers and fall in love with deepening their connection with spirit. They shouldn’t be so afraid of fucking up or displeasing elders who are more concerned with their egos than the personal growth of those they are charged with spiritually guiding.

In closing, find the path that aligns with your heart get messy, make mistakes, learn, grow, strengthen, trust, and believe in whatever resonates. Your spiritual journey is yours no one gave it to you, and no one can take it away, remember that! There’s more I can say but I don’t want to be part of the problem. And for these shitty ass "teachers" out here, I’ll leave you with two of my favorite sayings, “just because you know the lesson plan, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to teach” and “amen corners can’t buy you a slice of paradise”.

Stay safe out there friends and happy journeying!!! 🙃

*ATR: African Traditional Religion

**ADR: African Derived Religion

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