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Change of Plans...

So today, I planned to talk about some ADHD hacks that I learned and have been applying with relative success. HOWEVER! I forgot that today is Bey-day so we’re changing the plans so I can fangirl for a little bit. If you happen to not be the biggest Beyoncé fan or not into her because you lack joy and color to your life, this would be a great time to check out because it’s about to get ridiculous in here and I’ll holler at you next week after I’m done doing the most. For everybody else…

Bitch! I don’t even know where to start and this ain’t going to be in any kind of order ‘cause I’m not even in the business of favorites with it comes to Beyoncé Giselle. Like, sis just knows what you need when you need it. So the song that’s moving my spirit right now is ‘PURE/HONEY’. Whew! Can we talk about how she showed her ass, I went from Voguing down in my living room to shuffling like I was back in Studio54! Like, you really want me to get these 10s, huh, sis? Girl! This was the feel-good music that my spirit has been craving, that I didn’t even know I needed. OMG! Let me collect myself real quick.

All right, so when I was younger and especially in my clubbing days the known understanding with my friends was that I had to be alive in the 70s and OD’d after a wild night of partying in some crazy, dirty club and immediately came back in the 80s ‘cause I had so much fun. I’m the type to go out just to dance and feel that freedom that is only extracted from your body by the song that most resonates with your spirit in that nanosecond. Dancing is where I feel most me, most free, and this album was a nonstop pull at my soul, and it’s been a minute since a body of work did that to me. It’s been a minute since I felt this feeling. So this is more than an album it’s a spiritual experience that connects me with the truest form of myself, in a time in the world where all the stimuli has been sooo much that apathy has become the fucking norm… and my good bitch said NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

Anyway, so idk if it’s a neurodivergent thing or a regular human thing because I don’t know what’s what anymore. However, I can’t listen to music sometimes because if the textural feel of the music doesn’t match where I’m at, even if I love the song, I can’t listen to it. It becomes like nails on a chalk board, it’s weird, but it’s me. Anywho, I have been looking for new music that had a certain feel and a I’ve found myself revisiting my old favs by La Bouche and Tiesto, Sonique, and all the 90s and aughts Dance/EDM/House girlies trying to catch a vibe, and although it was close, it just didn’t have all the things I’ve been needing. Then here comes Beyoncé with this work of solid gold and I just… y’all… Y’all!!! And can we talk about all the beautifully poetic ways my good sis talked about riding that good dick?! Mama was talking her grown grown shit all album! Then decided she was just going to engage in her best carrying on with ‘Plastic of the Sofa’. THE ARRANGEMENTS OF IT ALL, MY GAWD!!! EFFORTLESS VOCALS!!!

‘COZY’ had me feeling my best black girl magical ass self and I just… I held my baby girl and danced around the room and that beautiful energy is what we woke up the day with this morning. Speaking of ‘ENERGY’, bitch… First off, Kelis wasn’t wrong, Pharrell been trying her since way back, so her feelings are valid, and I can side with her while still fucking with the body of work as a whole and that’s that on that. But that song is chef kiss, it gives what it’s supposed to give and I simply—Mama smooth said, “I just entered the country with them Derringers ‘cause these Karens turned into terrorists”. So are we packing heat now, Yoncé? Speaking off, ‘HEATED’, ma’am… MA’AM! Beyonce you have some fucking nerve!!! Maaan I’m not even about to do all this today, ‘cause Freedia said she did not come to play with you heauxs and y’all refused to listen!!! Refused!!! She was giving you a warning then for now! The gloves are off bitch, Yoncé is back bitches!!!

This was by no means a full analysis of the album I was just rightfully freaking out, and I’m not one of those music girlies who’s going to give you a full synopsis. You want to know how to feel about it, listen for yourself and draw your own conclusions, “Oh but me, I’m finna turn up!” and put RENAISSANCE on repeat. Anyway happy Friday y’all thanks for letting me stan real quick and we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program next week.

Stay hydrated, show these heauxs your technique, and release your wiggle! 🙃

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