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Cheat Codes: Hacking Mercury Retrograde

So in preparation for the Mercury Retrograde, the only planetary retrograde most of us know or give a fuck about, I decided to share something with you that I think could be super helpful. For those of you who may not know, a planetary retrograde is a phenomenon where a particular planet appears to be moving backwards. It’s just an optical illusion from our vantage point but it doesn't mean it can't still fuck shit up, for better or worse, anyway. Retrogrades aren't bad or scary things that we need to be hiding from until the coast is clear. A lot of times, people like to sell you the fear of retrogrades, so you buy their crystal or guidebook or some shit.

Anywho, I was thinking of retrograde things, then I thought-bounced to something that I’ve always believed about life and the lessons we learn. I’ve always had this theory that you will keep repeating the same situation over and over until you have experienced every possible perspective associated with it. If you learn nothing from it, you’ll keep repeating it until to you do. Those repetitive situations or certain types of people in your life that are constantly repeating is probably because you’re not getting the damn hint the first time. But Chandra, how do I know if I’m not getting the hint? Well, I’m glad you asked. Have you ever said to yourself “I always seem to attract (fill in random situation here) or I’m always attracting (insert personality type here) types of people”, then you’re not getting the hint, babes. The “hint” is typically a cycle that you’re in, something that you’ve been doing that is not healthy for you.

So working off of that premise, since the attributes of the planet in retrograde don’t change they just come back around, they will highlight those cycles in your life that may need some extra attention. We always ask the Universe and spirit homies for guidance on what to fix, and they literally show us the shit on repeat! If you’re constantly meeting people who use you for your resources, but don’t actually like you, and it comes up during the retrograde? There’s your cheat code. That’s the Universe telling you which thing has to change. Think about it, we pay more close attention to our travel plans, technology, and be on the lookout for those random exes, because we know those things have a higher chance of being completely fucked during Mercury retrogrades. So what the cheat code is telling you to do during this time, is to check the things you’re repeating. Look at the cycles that are coming back around and pay them some extra attention.

That random ass friend that always seem to pop up when shit’s going good for you and always has some major drama going on that you somehow end up involved in. Yeah, that one. You may want to look into why you keep falling for it, homie. What is it that you’re doing that keeps you in falling back into the same cycle. There have been quite a few things that have come to a head for me during Mercury Retrograde because, you know, the communication don’t always communicate. However, the retrogrades didn’t stop kicking my ass until I started changing the way I was moving and allowing other people to show up in my life. Only then did I break those cycles and improve for the better. Did the Universe use Mercury’s optical illusion to break me down to a fraction? Yes! But was I being hardheaded as fuck and refusing to look at the obvious? Also, yes! However, y’all don’t have to be like me. I’m trying to help y’all be all you can be, amen?!

Anyway, I hope that you all are in good spirits and do the absolute most during this Labor Day Weekend. I also hope that you remember to look out for them cheat codes when Mercury shows up and starts showing it’s raggedy ass in these streets come September 9th.

Alright kids, I’ll holler at y’all later! 🙃

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