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This week’s blog is going to be short. I even debated not posting this week altogether. Last week, I mentioned how I’m riding the wave of whatever low energy train I’m on and all that jazz. This week, I’m in full blown low battery mode, bitch, ‘cause “I’m muhfuckin’ tired”.


This week has been hellacious! From my tiny human waking up the morning of her 18 month check up in black Air Force mode—toddler edition, and deciding it was on sight for her doctor (who was a saint really), to my Fibromyalgia doing full out choreography to ‘Alien Superstar’ up and down my spine all week; your good bitch is down for the count. As I write this, I’m struggling to remember what words are, so with that being said, this week I just want to pop in and remind you all to REST.


There is nothing more important than resting. Not your job, your relationships, nothing at all. If you’re tired, babes, rest! If you’re in need of rejuvenation, babes, rest! If you’re at your wits end and not feeling creative enough to manage a blog that brings you so much joy, fucking rest! The world will still be on its typical fuck shit when you’re ready to get back at it. So clearly, I was talking to myself towards the end there, but the point is to take care of yourselves. You deserve, and you deserve for no reason other than the fact that you simply do. Don’t argue with me!


And for my mamas and/or primary caregivers out there, I know you’re telling yourself that things have to get done, and if you don’t do them, who will? But I can assure you those same things will be there waiting for you when you’re rested and regulated. Big emphasis on regulated! It’s hard to keep yourself regulated and remain a safe space for your tiny humans when you’re sleep deprived. They depend on us to keep ourselves healthy and safe so they can learn how to do the same, so keep that in mind, and remember you’re doing great!


Anyway, y’all, I’m making some sleepy time tea in the middle of the day, I’m taking my ass to sleep, and I’ll holla at y’all next week. 🥱



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